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Make-up mirror with a mobile powerbank

This new Lotta Power product combines your everyday make-up mirror with a mobile powerbank to ensure extra power on the fly. Featuring a classic mirror, a 2x magnification mirror, an integrated LED ring light and a 4000 mAh lithium battery the mirror is a must have in any handbag. This everyday accessory is elegantly finished in rosé, gold and space grey and integrates seamlessly into sophisticated as well as casual settings.



Make-up Mirror Powerbank

Space Grey

Rose Schminkspiegel_2.jpg

Make-up Mirror Powerbank


Gold Schminkspiegel_2.jpg

Make-up Mirror Powerbank



Loads twice as fast

The mirror charges devices twice as fast as a conventional power adapter - mobile phones and tablets can be immediately used  again.

Slimline design

Measuring just 82 x 23 mm and with a total weight of 151 grams, the Lotta Power make-up mirror fits in every handbag and is ideal for traveling.

2x charge-up

The integrated 4000 mAh battery has sufficient  capacity to fully charge mobile phones twice.



Additional battery with make-up mirror
Standard mirror and 2x magnifying mirror
LED illuminated frame
Including Micro-USB-cable
Dimensions / Weight: 82 x 23 mm, 151 g

Technical details

Battery typ: Lithium-Polymer Battery
Capacity: 14.8 Wh (3.7V/4.000mAh)

Output: 5V/2.1A
Input: 5V/2A

Scope of supply

1x Lotta Power Make-up Mirror Powerbank (4.000mAh)
1x USB- to Micro-USB-cable
1x Manual